Prohibited Content Regulations

Advertisements mentioning objects or services that are illegal to sell or supply are strictly prohibited. In addition, it is forbidden to publish advertisements that have a report and/or mention an object, service or activity prohibited in your country of residence.p>

The prohibited content regulation, which is not limited to the following, includes the following objects, services and behaviours. :

- Stocks and other securities
- Stolen goods and counterfeits
- Dangerous activities (for example: shooting with firearms)
- Weapons, weapons and related objects
- Firearms and firearms spare parts, chemical weapons
- Firearms magazines and ammunition
- Weapons for martial arts, swords, katana
- Bombs, bomb mechanisms and spare parts, detonators
- Engins ou objets militaires, grenades, missiles
- Explosives, chemicals and components for the manufacture of explosives
- Fireworks, demolition equipment
- Stop knives and objects that can be considered knives
- Lead pistols, ball guns, hypodermic pistols
- Any type of defense gas and chemical defense system, including tear gas
- Material for opening locks

- Lottery tickets and slot machines, casino chips
- False coins, fake stamps, false means of payment
- Identity papers, personal financial information and personal information
- Police badges and uniforms or other official badges and uniforms
- Lists of personal email addresses, same opt-in, same double opt-in
- Logiciels pour le spam, logiciels de capture d'adresses emails
- eBooks, methods and software designed to deceive or defraud users
- Financial pyramids, money chains, network marketing

- Insulting, discriminatory, offensive or violent behaviour
- Propaganda, including neo-Nazi propaganda and any form of incitement to racial hatred
- Inciting riots
- Inciting a prohibited activity in your country of residence
- Incitement to murder, violence or crime against humanity

- Content considered obscene or immoral in your country of residence
- Images, photos, drawings and videos of naked minors, child pornography
- Sexual services prohibited in your country of residence - Mentions of sexual order, of all kinds (soft and hard), written or photos
- Mentions of urology/ scatology / zoophilia
- Mentions of prostitution
- Mentions of erotic, private or commercial services

- Pesticides, fuels and hazardous chemicals
- GMO products banned in your country of residence
- Products considered narcotic in your country of residence
- Drugs and medication products, vitamins or protein powder
- Therapeutic services prohibited in your country of residence
- Tobacco, packets or cartons of cigarettes
- Blood products, bodily fluids, organs
- Adoption, purchase or sale of human beings, slavery
- Proposal or request for cloning of human beings

The following categories of objects or services are generally strictly regulated :

- animals
- Cultural property and works of art
- Properties
- Show tickets
- Alcoholic beverages
- Fossiles, minéraux
- Medical instruments and accessories
- Litter and used clothing
- Food
- Dangerous, regulated or perishable objects
- financial services
- Legal services
- travels

The following categories relate or may infringe the rights of third parties :

- Unauthorized copies
- Satellite and TV set-top boxes
- Pirate records
- Prints from movies
- Downloadable media, movies and music
- Use of unauthorized trademarks

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