Help / Frequent questions

We invite you to read the questions/answers below carefully.

1. How do I insert a small ad? Is the service 100% free?

To post a free ad, just click on the link « Submit an ad » which is permanently at the top right. Then fill in the different fields you're asked to fill in and enter the text of your ad. is 100% free or additional paid option, both for unlimited ad insertion and for playback. Under no circumstances will we contact you later to offer you paid services or sell your details to third parties.p>

2. I would like to add a photo to my ad. How to do it ?

You can insert up to five free photos when you post your ad. After the price of the photo pack is: 8.00 euros for five additional photos. Images must not exceed 100KB and must have a maximum resolution of 1024x768. Only images in JPG, GIF and PNG formats are accepted.

3. I would like to edit or delete my ad. How to do it ?

You simply need to click "Edit the Ads" on your ad page. If you have lost your password, you can receive it by email: please click "Forgotten Password" when you try to access the change in your ad.

4. I made a transaction on with someone who went wrong. What to do ? simply connects different parts (individuals, professionals). In accordance with our terms and conditions, we do not remain responsible for the transaction process between the parties. In the event of a dispute between individuals and/or professionals, does not intervene in any way. We therefore urge you to exercise a high degree of caution in your transactions and to contact your competent legal authority in the event of a dispute. Only the latter will be able to settle the dispute that you have the other party.

5. I want to insert an ad into a category that is not on your site. How to do it ?

Insert your ad in the section that you think is most appropriate (Cars, Real Estate Sales, Jobs or IT...) and choose "Other" .

6. My ad has been removed. What for ?

The site is moderate 24 hours a day. If your ad has been removed, our moderators felt that it did not meet our " terms and conditions or the list of " prohibited content." In particular, all ads inserted in multiple sections (multi postage) or those that refer to illegal practices or services are automatically removed..

7. I would like to report a contentious ad. How to do it ?

Below each ad you have a "Sign ad" link to report abuse. Please use this form to alert us. Our moderators will immediately check the offending ad.

8. J'ai perdu mon mot de passe pour me connecter à mon compte.

If you have lost your password, you have the option to receive it by email: for this, please click on "" forgotten password when you try to access your ad.

9. I can't change the categories or regions when inserting a small ad, what to do ?

To use, you need the latest version of your Internet browser.
Please check your browser's version number and update it.
Please also check that your browser accepts Javascript, AJASM and AJAX Cookies and technologies.
If you're still having trouble posting your ads, please install one of the following browsers :
- Internet Explorer 6
- Firefox
- Opera 8.52 has been tested and is compatible with these browsers.

10. I feel like I'm a victim of a scammer. What to do ?

In general, the insertion of classified ads, both on the Internet and in a newspaper, can attract unscrupulous people. takes great care to protect your data. In particular, we have developed tools against spam and scams. Before making a commercial transaction with a third party, make the maximum guarantees on its reliability. Avoid paying in advance or delivering goods without being paid. If you were to be canvassed by an entity that presents itself as a Popular beware, this is a total commercial spoof. Once again: is 100% free and will never approach you !

11. I still can't solve my problem and I absolutely need to contact you

You can contact us by email on the contact page " Contact us ". Given the free nature of our services or additional paid option, the latter intervenes only in case of serious problems but in no case in case of dispute related to a transaction between users. Before contacting us, please read our "Help/Faq" section and/or be assisted by someone comfortable with the Internet.

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